Developing a Skilled Workforce

At In-Depth Drilling Solutions, we remain the premier global training provider for health, safety and competency training in both oil and energy sectors. Our unique blend of highly qualified instructors, consultants and service experts enable IDDSL to facilitate and deliver efficient, hands-on, bespoke services specific to clients’ needs and environment.

We are forerunners in Drilling Operations, Well Control and Well Intervention for the Oil & Energy Industry offering globally acclaimed certification programs and accreditations including IWCF and IADC Wellsharp through a reputable and distinguished base of highly proficient instructors and affiliates.

Flexible Options

Leading the way providing adaptable solutions for changing and evolving markets.


Changing the way our clients access information around the world.

What We Provide

We utilize a wide range of delivery mechanisms to deliver optimal results including, video & digital presentations, case studies, teamwork exercises, technical papers, manuals and extreme points of references.

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