Oh, How Quickly We Evolved

Rooted in Trinidad & Tobago, we trace our origin back to birthing an idea into fruition during an era of innovation through the collaboration of experts and a thorough appreciation and understanding of an industry well served.


An Idea was Conceived

With a collaborative team leading the way with years of combined experience, an idea was birthed in October of 2016 that would serve as a basis for building capabilities and expertise within the oil and gas industry. With things progressing rapidly, we were officially registered on the 21st November, 2016.


A Lot Can Happen In A Short Space of Time

Following our inception, we officially opened our doors in April 2017 delivering our first IWCF Course in Trinidad & Tobago and our first international in-house course in Suriname.

Mossel Bay, Southern Cape, South Africa, December 13,  2007.  Black woman roughneck with red overall and white hardhat on the rig, FA Platform,  off the cost of Mossel Bay.

Elevating & Growing Our Team

In 2018 we focused our impact on developing our team of instructors ensuring accreditations were acquired in IADC and IWCF. We remain the only IWCF certified body in the Caribbean.


Making Big Moves in Certification

Understanding the respect and esteem gained within the industry, and responsibility to our clients, community and stakeholders, being certified through all bodies relevant to our industry remains at the forefront of our development and objectives. We remain the only certified accredited IWCF Centre within the Caribbean region.

  • IWCF Full Accreditation Acquired
Oil field operator or worker is holding white safety hardhat, prepare to start the job on working platform (as background). Safety in operation concept photo.

Advancing Our Accreditations & Solutions

Leveraging our capabilities, we envisioned significant expansion through the advancement of our accreditations, the implementation of virtual accredited courses and the provision of a suite of fully integrated solutions. In addition to our already extensive Training & Development portfolio, we advanced our offering by adding Competency Management, Engineering & Consultancy & Remote Support solutions.

  • IADC Full Accreditation Acquired

The Birth Of A New Brand Identity

With change comes a new and all-encompassing image that represents the many forward-driven solutions and revolutionary thinking provided through IDDSL.

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