Course Info

  • IADC Wellsharp
  • $1,950.00 USD

  • 5 Days

  • 2 Years

  • Instructor Led - Virtual
    Instructor Led - Face to Face

Course Description:

This course is designed to meet industry guidelines through the IADC WellSharp™ Oil and Gas Operator Representative learning objectives. It presents a body of knowledge and a set of job skills that can be used to provide well control knowledge and skills for Oil and Gas Operator personnel.

The course focuses on Oil and Gas Operator Representative who are primarily responsible for the oversight of coil tubing, snubbing, wireline and workover operational processes of well control.

Some of the topics covered in this course are: Risk Awareness and Management, Well Control Principles and Calculations, Barriers, Influx Fundamentals, Gas Characteristics and Behaviour, Completion and Workover Fluids, Snubbing Equipment, Wireline Equipment, Coil Tubing Equipment, Surface and Subsurface Wellbore Equipment, Subsea Considerations, Procedures, Well Kill in Preparations for Well Intervention, Special Situations, Complications and Regulations.


Target Audience:


  • Wellsite Leaders
  • Company Representative
  • All Superintendents
  • Production/Company/Intervention Engineer
  • Supervisor (Rig Foreman)
  • Driller/Assistant Driller/Toolpusher
  • Pumping Supervisor
  • Office-based Rig, Drilling, or Intervention Manager