Course Info

  • IWCF Drilling
  • $1,150.00 USD

  • 3 Days

  • 2 Years

  • Instructor Led - Virtual
    Instructor Led - Face to Face

Drilling Well Control, Combined Surface & Subsea Stack (Level 2)

Course Description

This course is designed to meet industry guidelines through the IWCF™ Level 2 curriculum and learning objectives. It presents a body of knowledge and a set of job skills that can be used to provide subsea well control knowledge and skills for drilling operations. 

The course focuses on the floorhands, shakerhands and other rig-based personnel who are primarily tasked with kick detection, it introduces and addresses basic principles and theories of well control.

Some of the topics covered in this course are: well control concepts, calculations, mud & pit management, risk management, causes of kicks, abnormal pressure warning signs, kick detection, shut-in procedures and verification (surface and subsea), post shut-in monitoring & activities, well control drills, well control methods, kill sheet and pre-recorded data, and equipment

Notes to Candidates – All candidates must register for an account on the IWCF FORUM at Once registered and approved by the IWCF, a candidate registration (CR #) number will be issued. The CR # must be provided by the candidate when registering for a well control class, registration must be done ten (10) days prior to start of class.

Target Audience

  • Derrickman
  • Floorman
  • Wellsite Service Personnel (non-supervisory)
  • Wellsite Geologist and office-based Operations Geologist
  • Barge Engineer